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Why do YOU give gifts?

by admin - November 23rd, 2014.
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As we head towards Thanksgiving, the majority of people in the US are at least beginning to think of choosing and buying gifts for their families and friends. Some will subject themselves to the insanity of “Black Friday”, which I personally cannot fathom! No sale was ever good enough to tempt me, no matter how tight my budget might be.

While some thoroughly enjoy the traditional exchange of gifts and delight in the search for “the perfect gift” for a loved one, others are just “going through the motions” because it is expected. The latter might choose to delegate the chore to someone else, which generally means that a gift, any gift, is chosen at random with no thought to the likes and dislikes of the intended recipient. In most cases, the recipient knows without a doubt which category the giver and the gift fit into.

When gifts are purchased by businesses, even more factors come into play. As a themed gift provider (), I hope that there is at least a general feeling of good will towards others behind these gifts, but know that the primary function of business gifts is marketing and PR. Gift baskets have become popular for business gifting because they are the closest to a “one size fits all” type of gift. After all, everybody eats! Despite this, I continue to stress to all of my business clients that it is important to personalize these gifts as much as possible. A gift that has obviously been chosen/designed for the recipient can have a much greater impact than a generic gift. This is where your local, independent gift basket business can excel. If you know that a fellow business owner has a serious peanut allergy, sending a basket full of peanut “treats” (because it was just one of the 100 identical gifts that your assistant picked up at Walmart), is more of a slap in the face than a gift! You would actually be better off sending nothing at all. To avoid this type of pitfall, choose a gift provider¬† who specializes in customizing the gift to the recipient.

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