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Valentine’s Day

by admin - January 21st, 2012.
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Since I’m a gift basket designer, it makes sense that I’ve been spending a fair amount of time recently, thinking about the kind of gifts that others might want for Valentine’s Day this year. That also brought back a few memories of past Valentine’s Days, so I figured I’d share some of my thoughts and memories — for what it’s worth!

Most people, especially males who are looking for Valentine’s gifts for their girlfriends or wives, tend to think of the standard chocolates and flowers. I must confess that I still would rather just receive that box of chocolates (and, yes, I DO prefer the heart-shaped box, even though I know that it costs more and generally contains fewer chocolates!) When it comes to the flowers though, I’m on the opposite side of things. I never did care much for those big bouquets of roses that all the florists advertise at this time of year. I would rather have just one rose in a bud vase, especially if that one rose is an old-fashioned one with the lovely scent that made roses a favorite flower in the first place.

Although many of us tend to think of Valentine’s Day as primarily a holiday for lovers, gifts and cards are often exchanged between family members and friends as well. I remember exchanging Valentines in my grammar school classes (and since I see kids’ Valentines on sale every year, I assume this is still taking place.) I was never a popular kid, but one year I decided to make heart-shaped cookies and pass those out to my classmates instead of those dumb kiddy Valentines. At least I was pretty popular on that day!

My other still vivid recollection of Valentine’s Day past brings up a cautionary point. Please put some thought into the gifts you give — especially the ones you choose for those closest to you. When I was a kid, my mother would always make sure that the five of us received a Valentine’s gift. It was usually chocolates in small heart-shaped boxes (she would save the boxes and re-use them each year, as it was a lot less expensive to buy one larger plain box of candy.) One year I got up in the morning to find that there was a candy Valentine for each of my brothers, but not for me. I received a bottle of cologne instead, and, believe me, I was NOT happy! In later years, my mother told me that she had decided to buy the cologne because I was the oldest of her kids and she thought that was a more “grown-up” gift. Unfortunately, I took it to mean that she’d decided I was too fat and shouldn’t have any candy!

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