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The Perils of Perishable Inventory

by admin - April 6th, 2013.
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As I hope you know, I own and run a gift basket business,Greenbriar Gift Baskets. Although I am no stranger to retail — I owned and ran a retail "brick & mortar" hobby shop for over 27 years — the addition of perishable merchandise 8 years ago for the gift basket business brought along its own set of perils.

Once I moved my gift basket business to my home, I found out the hard way that air conditioning alone wasn’t enough to keep my stock in good shape. I will be purchasing a dehumidifier of some sort before the muggy weather starts this year! Even though all of the food items are packaged, I was lucky in that only the crackers and hard candies were affected and had to be thrown out.

Since we buy at least some of our food products at wholesale, we are often forced to buy quite a bit of one item at a time. Cases can vary from 6 to 72 or more pieces. Even though most of us are careful to buy products that have long shelf-life, sometimes we just can’t turn it all over before it gets too close to the expiration date. And here comes yet another peril — your diet just might suffer from a tad too much "snack food" when the time runs out for the rest of that case of whatever!

As I write this, we are in the throes of such a situation. I discovered that most of a case of very cute pizza kits from Plentiful Pantry was way, waaaay out of date! We tried one out and I don’t think that the yeast in the dough mix was doing a whole lot, but I spread it on the greased pan (I used a big, round, perforated, non-stick tart pan) added the herb packet to the can of tomato paste as directed, added toppings of our choice and baked it. Voila! Pretty damn good pizza! Of course, I happen to like a thin crust and so does my mother, so that may have had something to do with our assessment. My husband seems to live by the creed "Any pizza is better than no pizza" even though he tends to prefer a thicker crust. Anyway, he did cheer when told we had several more pizza kits to use up.

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