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Small Business And Free Speech

by admin - September 26th, 2012.
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Okay, free speech is an important right, but do you really want to exercise it all the way in the course of your daily business operations?

Anyone who belongs to a networking business group knows that it is important to stay away from the “hot button” topics, particularly religion and politics. Without this restriction, the group would never be able to function.

Unless you are marketing only to a select niche group, it makes sense to keep these topics out of your business communications as well. Here’s a case in point, a few months ago I received some marketing material from another small business, complete with a couple of samples. The product was very good, the price was excellent, and the packaging was also nice — up to the point where they felt compelled to share their religious views. I had no need to know that, and had it not been there, I probably would have added them to my vendor list. Even if I had been of the same persuasion, I still would not have purchased their product as I have absolutely no desire to put something in my gift baskets that the recipients and/or my clients might find offensive!

Very recently, a family member was fired because he was listening to a radio program expressing rather extreme views while working at a client’s home. The client was displeased enough to call the owner of the company, and the rest, as they say, is history. Shortly thereafter, I had some work done on my own house and the tradesman we hired did exactly the same thing. I didn’t fire him, but I did try to point out to him why that was not terribly professional and that it could cost him a lot of money (and possibly his business) in the long run.

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