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SEO Revisited

by admin - October 20th, 2012.
Filed under: business, Website optimization.

I’ve seen lots of small businesses moaning about Google updates and saying that their online businesses have gone straight into the toilet after the latest one. I have a tip for you all. Have you actually done a search on your keywords to see what comes up?

I listed an accessory item on one of my sites and was amazed at how many orders I received. As it turns out, there really wasn’t a lot of competition for that keyword at the time. I had been to busy over the summer to give it much thought, but realized a couple of weeks ago that the orders had dried up. I did a search and found that, sure enough, my site had dropped from high up on Google’s first page to the second page (which is pretty much the same as the 50th page in terms of people ever seeing it).

It was immediately evident that the competition had increased dramatically, both in paid and regular listings. My page wasn’t being “punished” for anything — it just wasn’t keeping up with the competition. I then used the Google Adwords keyword tool and discovered a related keyword phrase that had plenty of searches but low competition. I didn’t even have to tweak my text more than changing the order of a sentence or two, just changed my page title and keyword tags. Sure enough, an order came in this week after a couple of month’s hiatus!

Obviously, I can’t promise that the solution will always be this easy, but it’s sure worth the few minutes it takes to see if you can get your page back up on top.

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