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Retailers — What’s Your Slowest Day of the Week?

by admin - June 22nd, 2011.
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I’m writing this on a Wednesday, which is typically the slowest day of the week for my hobby shop. My husband has suggested that this is because the majority of my customers live from paycheck to paycheck. Since most of them are likely to be paid on Thursday or Friday, it’s no wonder they don’t have much left by Wednesday.

This seems plausible, at least for those who are using cash or debit cards. On the other hand, since most on-line sales are made using credit cards, either directly or through services such as PayPal, I wouldn’t expect to see the same patterns there.

I’m hoping to get some feedback from other retailers both on and off-line on this question and on a few related ones. What’s your busiest day of the week? If you’ve been in business for more than 5 years, have you seen a change in your customers’ shopping patterns?

In my case, Saturday used to be the busiest day, but lately there’s been a shift to Sunday instead. This may be caused by the fact that most of my nearby competitors are closed on Sundays. I know that one of them is open on Mondays when my store is closed and is closed on Tuesdays instead.

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