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Gilding the Lily

by admin - October 14th, 2011.
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Several comments have been left on this blog stating that I should be adding more pictures, possibly videos, etc. In response to that, I have decided to post a few pictures of some of my gift baskets and other items that I make. (On the other hand, some people have left comments complaining about the “music” on this site. To you people, I have only one response — get your ears checked!! There are no audio files on this blog.)

Since I have been drawn to beautiful things for as long as I can remember, it was only natural that I started out in college as a Fine Arts major. Although I changed direction later on, that creative urge has never left me. My gift baskets range from ornate picure of large Christmas gift basket to streamlined and elegantimage of tea gift basket with Oriental influences but each gets the same care and attention to detail.

I titled this post “Gilding the Lily” because a lot of the work in designing and creating beautiful gifts involves combining the various components into a harmonious whole and further enhancing it with ribbon, florals, etc. (This, of course, is in addition to the mechanics needed to ensure that the gift stays intact through shipping and/or delivery.)

I suspect that women in general are more likely to enjoy the aesthetics and men may focus more directly on the contents. On some level it seems that most, if not all, humans do have an inherent attraction to beauty and harmony, even if it’s not on a conscious level. Just remember that old restauranteur’s adage, “You eat with your eyes.”

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