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Gifts From Nature

by admin - April 16th, 2012.
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I wasn’t sure exactly which category this post fits best, so checked off two. I started to think about the gifts I’ve received that I enjoyed most, and it turns out, they are mostly gifts from Ma Nature. A good part of what made these some of my most memorable "gifts" was the fact that they were completely unexpected. I have often told my clients that a "just because" gift has more impact than one given for a particular occasion, for the same reason.

Neither my mother nor I had ever seen a bluebird, though we kept hearing that they were making a come-back in our area. We went so far as to take a 45 minute drive to a field where many had reportedly been seen, but we had no such luck!

One day, a few years ago, I glanced out the kitchen window and had to come back and do a double-take. Here’s what I saw:

the first bluebirds I ever saw

Of course, I was afraid that the poor things would starve and/or freeze, so we ended up spending a small fortune buying grubs for them. For a couple of years, I even had a darkling beetle farm in the cellar to provide food for our blue visitors!

I had become quite interested in mushrooms when we discovered some giant puffballs in our backyard. These are nice in that it’s nearly impossible to get them confused with any other mushrooms, but they are pretty bland tasting. On the other hand, I had heard plenty about the prized morel, but had never seen one in our nearby woods. Last Spring, something in my veggie garden plot caught my eye. Sure enough:picture of half of one of these delicious mushrooms

I was hoping we’d get some popping up this Spring as well, but we had a milder than normal Winter and early Spring, and I’ve heard that can prevent them fruiting.

I had also been thinking last week that it had been a few years since I’d seen a Northern Flicker and voila, three of them appeared in the yard two days ago!

Finally, though I can’t say that I much appreciate all the poison ivy, invasive bittersweet, dog roses, and barberry that my buddies, the birds, have planted for me, I discovered a gift that I do appreciate. There’s a tiny new holly plant near the edge of the wooded part of the yard that I never planted. I should probably put some fencing around it before somebody stomps on it!

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