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Don’t Go TOO Far With Those New Year’s Resolutions!

by admin - February 2nd, 2013.
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I picked the title mostly due to the time of year, but am really only trying to make the point that too much of a good thing may not be good at all.

There are currently three people living in my house, but the amount of stuff that’s accumulated is about to push at least one of us onto the street. We have all been making an effort to clear out and give away the useable items and trash the rest, but it’s still pretty overwhelming. Even in this instance though, it’s possible to get carried away.

I’ll give you an example. I do a fair amount of networking for my business and have collected several piles of business cards. I wanted to organize them in a more useful manner and saw a little “file cabinet” made for business cards in a catalog. I requested one for Christmas and received it. When I opened the box, I found that the separators that were supplied with it were marked alphabetically. I had different categories in mind and decided that I should throw those away rather than hanging on to one more piece of junk. Well, throw them I did, and two days later it finally sank into my awareness that all I had to do was turn those separators over and write whatever I wanted on the tab. D’uh! I even went so far as to look through the trash, but two bags is my limit and, of course, what I was looking for did not turn up in either of those bags.

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