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Comment Policies

by admin - June 14th, 2011.
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In a previous post, I let the people who have so kindly left me so many spammy comments know what I thought about them. Now I think I probably should address a few specific questions I’ve been asked. One person suggested that I post my “policy” on comments, so here are my thoughts.

I fully realize that there are many people who simply look for “Do Follow” sites in order to leave links to their respective businesses. What you need to realize is although I have chosen to make this site “Do Follow”, I also moderate it before any comment is published!

If you leave a link to a site that sells pornography or drugs — you have the same chances as that “snowball in hell”. If you leave a comment in a language other than English, I’m sorry, but if I can’t read it, I’m not going to post it.

If you really want to find my rss feed, it’s pretty easy, just go to RSS Entries in the right-hand column. Those who have asked about the theme only need search through WordPress themes to find it. I think they call it “Soft Green”.

For those of you who want to sell me the latest SEO tool or information, thanks, but none of that will help in the slightest until and unless, I manage to force myself to blog on a regular basis.

Finally, if you really want to leave a comment, try actually reading the post that you are supposedly commenting on first. I will publish only relevant comments.

36 Responses to Comment Policies

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  2. Thanks for asking — yes, I have two fan pages:

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  5. If I’m interpreting this right, I think that you’re saying that you’re not a spammer. I’ve allowed this comment, but it is an exception to the rule. Normally I will not allow a post with a link to a site that’s in a language I can’t read. The reason for this is two-fold: first, I don’t want to accidentally lead my visitors into a malicious or hard-core porn site without their knowledge, second, since my blog is in English, I expect mostly English speaking visitors, most of whom will also not be able to read the material on the other end of the link.

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  9. Yes, I know you want a back-link, but saying that you were “searching for” my policy on publishing comments sounds pretty dumb.

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  11. Yes, I am using WordPress. I have also heard that Drupal is a good platform, but have had no personal experience with it.

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  14. I approved this comment, but do wish that the person who submitted it had posted it in response to my first blog entry, which was also a recipe.

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  21. Thanks, but it’s not in the budget — and that’s why I’m blogging in the first place!

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  23. Nah, you should have read some of the comments I deleted (and the websites they lead to were even worse!)

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  30. I appreciate the comments on this blog, it definitely gives it that community sense!

  31. I’d have to say that it’s an awfully self-absorbed “community” then, as the comments never boil down to anything but “I want links”.

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  34. No kidding! At least 99% of the comments left on this blog have obviously been written by ‘bots.

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  36. First, a word of warning to anyone who follows the link above — it’s one of those sites that won’t let you just click the “back” button to return. Having to re-enter my site and start over on page 1 certainly pissed me off, but I decided to approve the comment anyhow.

    Since I was in the middle of going through 30 pages consisting of over 99% spam comments left by ‘bots, it certainly sounded interesting. I probably would have bought it if it had been at about half the actual price and just taken my chances. I have no idea whether it actually works or not. If it does, it would fill a real need!

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