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The Perils of Perishable Inventory

Saturday, April 6th, 2013

As I hope you know, I own and run a gift basket business,Greenbriar Gift Baskets. Although I am no stranger to retail — I owned and ran a retail "brick & mortar" hobby shop for over 27 years — the addition of perishable merchandise 8 years ago for the gift basket business brought along its own set of perils.

Once I moved my gift basket business to my home, I found out the hard way that air conditioning alone wasn’t enough to keep my stock in good shape. I will be purchasing a dehumidifier of some sort before the muggy weather starts this year! Even though all of the food items are packaged, I was lucky in that only the crackers and hard candies were affected and had to be thrown out.

SEO Revisited

Saturday, October 20th, 2012

I’ve seen lots of small businesses moaning about Google updates and saying that their online businesses have gone straight into the toilet after the latest one. I have a tip for you all. Have you actually done a search on your keywords to see what comes up?

I listed an accessory item on one of my sites and was amazed at how many orders I received. As it turns out, there really wasn’t a lot of competition for that keyword at the time. I had been to busy over the summer to give it much thought, but realized a couple of weeks ago that the orders had dried up. I did a search and found that, sure enough, my site had dropped from high up on Google’s first page to the second page (which is pretty much the same as the 50th page in terms of people ever seeing it).

Small Business And Free Speech

Wednesday, September 26th, 2012

Okay, free speech is an important right, but do you really want to exercise it all the way in the course of your daily business operations?

Anyone who belongs to a networking business group knows that it is important to stay away from the “hot button” topics, particularly religion and politics. Without this restriction, the group would never be able to function.