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Buyer Beware

by admin - July 20th, 2011.
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I’ve been looking through all the latest comments that have landed in my Spam queue and have approved some of them. Although I do check the links, it occurred to me that I ought to post a disclaimer here. In no way do I endorse or guarantee the offers you may find by following any of the links in these comments. I can only vouch for the links that I have included in my posts and my own comments.
Please make sure to do your own research before signing up or purchasing anything from the sites you reach through the comment links in this blog!

8 Responses to Buyer Beware

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  2. Thanks, but I’m not in the market for anything like this at the moment. I approved your comment in case other visitors to the site might be interested.

  3. Wow! Great tihnikng! JK

  4. Yeah, you’d think that anyone who knows how to use a computer should already know that. Still, it’s amazing how many stupid things smart people actually do.
    I normally check the links before approving any comments and several have prompted malware warnings. Those, of course, are deleted immediately!

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  6. It’s WordPress and, yes, I would recommend it.

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