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Another Nature/Nurture Question

by admin - September 21st, 2011.
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Anyone who has studied human psychology at all should be familiar with the question of how much of our behavior and character traits is determined by genetics and how much is learned during early childhood.

Recently it occurred to me that it’s quite possible that the way my thinking patterns developed might have had a lot to do with the fact that I was extremely near-sighted from birth. When I started the fourth grade, a teacher realized that I just could not read anything on the blackboard unless I was right up close. From that point on I have worn either glasses or contact lenses, but prior to that, there was no way for me to know that everyone didn’t see the world in a very blurry fashion!

Although my corrected vision is fine, I find that even now, I tend to rely heavily on other senses and cues when I interact with people. Speech patterns, body language, and a general impression of the individual’s personality are the things I react to and remember. Without the correction, anything that’s more than a foot away from my eyes is rather fuzzy looking, so I expect that these were the kind of cues I relied upon as a young child to tell one person from another.

I am afraid that I would make a terrible witness in a courtroom situation, as, five minutes after someone has left my field of vision, I couldn’t tell you what their eye color, hair color, or clothing style was. I often can’t even recall whether or not the person was wearing glasses. I have been told that this is actually true of most people, (making “eyewitness accounts” very questionable indeed), but I still think that there is probably a spectrum to this, and that I am likely at the far end of it.

If anyone who happens to read this has had similar experiences (or dis-similar ones, for that matter!), I’d love to have you chime in here. It would be really refreshing to see a comment that was actually relevant to one of my posts.

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