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After the Storm

by admin - November 3rd, 2011.
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If you’ve read some of my blog posts or visited my websites, you probably have already gathered that I live and work in New England. Normally, Autumn is my absolute favorite time of the year as it’s not too hot, not too cold, and the turning foliage adds a treat for the senses. I even love how the outdoors smells in the Fall!

This Autumn, however, Ma Nature treated us to a spectacular “Special Event” that many of us would rather have missed. Our early Nor’easter weighed down all that lovely foliage with heavy, wet snow until many of the trees either lost branches or even uprooted themselves.

We were without electric power for three days and nights. While that might not sound like much to most of you, consider the fact that our oil furnace does not operate without electricity and the pump for our well doesn’t either. The temperature fell to below 30 degrees Fahrenheit on at least one of those nights, and let me tell you, a house with no heat in that kind of weather is not a pleasant place to be!

Someone made the comment that we were “living like the pioneers”. How dumb was that? If any of the pioneers built houses without fireplaces, access to sufficient wood for heating and fresh water, they would not have been called “pioneers”, they would have very shortly been called “corpses”!

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