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For Those of You With an Over-abundance of Cucumbers . . .

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

After losing all of last year’s tomato plants to late blight, I wasn’t too optimistic about this year’s garden, but it’s not doing too badly.

Last year all I planted was the tomatoes, some Summer squash, and a few bush beans in two raised bed planters and a few extra large pots. I had covered the regular gardening area with sheets of cardboard and a lot of leaves and let it lie fallow. I’m pretty sure that it was because of this that this year’s cucumber crop was the best I’ve ever had. Those rotten cucumber beetles took much longer than usual to find (and kill) my vines since there had been nothing that really attracted them last year.

What’s Your Favorite Season?

Saturday, August 14th, 2010

I just read a blog entry from somebody who is a rabid fan of Summer.  I’m most decidedly not in that category!  I might possibly have felt differently about it when I was a kid since, like most kids, I didn’t mind at all having several weeks off from school.  These days though  the heat and humidity just make me miserable, so I’m definitely looking forward to Fall.

Since I live in New England the Autumn season is also the most beautiful.  I just wish it could last a bit longer.

So, anyone want to put in a vote for Spring or even Winter?

My Blog Is Back!

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

Just in case any former visitors to my blog happen to find me again, I’d like to explain what happened.  I effectively killed the previous incarnation of the “It’s A Gift” blog when I activated the automatic update and found out too late that my host’s MySql version was not sufficient for the database.  On top of that, Windows would not let me unblock my back-up files —- sooooo, the blog is dead, long live the new blog!